October 6, 2016

Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys Hack

Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys Hack

Welcome to FreeGamerGear.com Your #1 resource for all your Pocket Morty hack needs! We strive to deliver the very best quality in hacks and cheats to our visitors. We provide hacks for iOS(iPhone, iPad and Ipod) and Android ( Tablet, Smartphone etc) + other devices at no charge! All the hacks we provide are thoroughly tested by our team of testers and is kept up to date with every game patch.



Do you have to pay for this Pocket Mortys Hack?

Definitely not! We strive to give free access to all our files, we only ask you to complete a small questionnaire before downloading our files. Doing so gives you access to the entirety of this website and its downloads, for a week.

Do you have to install the Pocket Mortys hack to your device?

No you dont have to install any .apk, .ipa or any other sort of files to your mobile device. Our Pocket Mortys hack works remotely(see instructions below). We have different hacks available for both Android and iOS so there is an option for each and every user.

Our Pocket Mortys Hack features:

Our one of a kind pocket mortys tool works as both a hack and a trainer, and we will keep adding features as they are developed. Here is a list of the most current features:

  • Unlimited amount of Schmeckles, the currency ingame
  • Instant win fight function
  • Works on every version of the game on every device
  • Toggable Morty invincibility
  • Speed up game ( up to 300% )
  • Untraceable : 0% Chance your game will get banned

Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys hack instructions:

  1. Download the files using the download button for your specific device(iOS,Android)
  2. After Download: Extract and start the file
  3. Connect your device to your PC, start the Pocket Mortys game and wait till the app says :”Game Connected”
  4. Once the application has recognized your device and the game press the ‘Modify Game’ button.
  5. Wait untill you see a visual confirmation on your device. To make sure the hack was successful check the amount of ingame currency(Schmeckles).
  6. Done! Enjoy your game without spending a cent

How does our Rick and Mortys hack work?

Our hacks are developed by the very best programmers in the field, the encryption of the games is disabled safely and untraceable. Our developers mare sure that every function is unlocked that normally you would have to pay for via microtransactions, in case of Pocket mortys these are Schmeckles. Schmeckles are used for all ingame purchases, our hack gives you an unlimited amount of this currency along with a number of other features(see feature list).

Pocket Mortys screenshots