November 17, 2016

Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon Download


Pokemon Sun Download & Pokemon Moon Download

Welcome to Your #1 resource for all your gaming needs! Welcome to our Pokemon Sun and Moon free download page for 2ds , 3ds and emulators. Here we offer a free download of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon


Do you have to install Pokemon Sun or Moon to your device?

No you dont have to install to anything if you dont want to or dont have a 3ds device. You can use the included emulator to play Pokemon sun & Pokemon moon on your computer and we have also included emulators for android and iPhone. If you want to play the game from your Nintendo device its as simple as copying it to an sd card!

About Pokemon Sun & Moon:

Pokemon Sun & Moon are the newest rpg’s from Gamefreak in the world renowned Pokemon series. They are set in the new region of Alola, which has a central position alongside four tropical islands and an artificially created landmass. The games contain a ton of new pokemon living in the lush islands of the Alola region that have never been seen before! The story starts off directly after the protagonst(you!) leaves on an adventure to this new region. As been the case since the old pokemon games you can chose the name and gender you want your character to be, you can also customize your looks in Pokemon sun & Moon!  As soon as you arrive in the new Alola region your adventure starts and you’ll start meeting new fascinating people! Enjoy yourself in this epic new pokemon game!

Pokemon Sun & Moon New Features:

  1. Ultra Beasts : New mysterious and feared ultra pokemon!
  2. The Island Challenge : Prove yourself to be the strongest trainer!
  3. Regional Variants : Pokemon will have different regional variants in the same species(Alola forms).
  4. Z-moves : A new battle mechanic which you can use once per battle.
  5. Poke Rides : Use your pokemon to travel the sea, land and sky!
  6. Hyper Training : A new way to alter Individual  values!
  7. New Global Link Features Battle Royal : A host of new competition types!
  8. The QR Scanner : Share QR codes with others and register them in your pokedex!
  9. Rotom Pokedex : A special pokemon possessed pokedex!
  10. Changes in Battle Interface : A ton of new features are added to the combat interface


How does our Pokemon Sun and Moon free download work?

Its very easy! To play Pokemon sun or Pokemon moon on your PC just start the emulator in the download package and load the rom file . If you want to play the games on your 2ds or 3ds simply copy them to an sd card or r4 card and load the game on your handheld!

Pokemon Sun Free download screenshots

                                 pokesunmoon1 pokesunmoon2

                                 pokesunmoon3 pokesunmoon4

                                 pokesunmoon5 pokesunmoon6