October 6, 2016

Black Desert Online Hack

Black Desert Online Hack for EU / NA

Welcome to FreeGamerHacks.com the #1 resource for your all gaming hack needs! We strive to deliver the very best hacks and cheats to all our users. We provide hacks for iOS(iPhone, iPad and Ipod), Android ( Tablet, Smartphone etc) devices and PC Games ! All the hacks we provide are thoroughly tested by our team of testers and are kept up to date with every game patch. You have reached our Black Desert online Hack download page.


Our Black Desert online Hack features:

Our Black desert online hack works as both a trainer and hack.  The tools main features are the radar, wallhack and bot functionality, Here is a full list of the current features:

  • Full radar overlay(Includes everything from resources to players)
  • Wall glitching / Wallhack
  • Gathering automation / Gathering bot
  • Leveling bot
  • Teleport to coordinates
  • Make entire map visible
  • Untraceable : 0% Chance your account will get banned

Check this page for our marketplace / auction house bot

blackdesert radar

How to use our Black Desert Online Hack?

Its very easy! You extract the file you downloaded from our download page to any folder on your computer. In this folder find the file BDOh.exe. Start the Black desert launcher and login but DO NOT press play yet. After you have logged in start BDOh.exe, this way you can be sure we have no access to your login information. Once you see the hack tool window pop up you can press play in the Black Desert launcher. Press the help button in the hack window for more in depth information how to use each separate function. Most functions like radar and wallhack have a simple toggle function with a hotkey and could not be easier to use.


How does our tool work?

Our Black Desert Online Hack works by hooking into the game’s process in a way that the Xingcode3 anti cheating software black desert uses cannot detect. We have developed a proprietary way of handling this hooking process that makes our hack the very least intrusive and thus impossible to detect. After teleporting or wall glitching you will appear to other players as if your textures were just slow to load, so it arouses very little suspicion from other players as well. Our hack is tested with every patch to make sure its functionality remains intact.

BDO Hack instructions:

  1. Download the file using the download button above
  2. Extract the .zip package to any folder on your computer.
  3. Start your Black desert EU/NA launcher and login, do not press play yet.
  4. Open the folder you extracted our tool to and start the file called BDOh.exe
  5. Wait for our tool to pop up and launch the game via the launcher
  6. Use page up for Wall hack and Page down for Radar, for other functionality press the help button in the tool window

Do you have to pay for our Black Desert Hack?

Definitely not! We strive to give free access to all our downloads, we only ask you to answer a few questions before downloading our files. Doing so gives you access to the entirety of this site and its downloads. Doing so ensures us we can keep the hacks up to date!

Black Desert Online screenshots




What is Black Desert?

Black Desert online is a sandbox oriented MMORPG of immense scale set in the world of Calpheon and Valancia. It is an immersive mmo with a wealth of features for both combat and social people alike. It has an awesome real time action battle system making the pvp combat very much player skill based. It also features a grandiose strategy based castle and node siege system that results in player battles that involve hundreds of players! There are also a ton of simulation based features such as immersive trading, the hiring of NPCs and the management of real estate.

The game is b2p which means you pay to create an account a single time with no subscription cost per month. The game features a cash store that sells cosmetic and convenience items. Using our tool you will surely become one of the most powerful players on your server!