October 6, 2016

Black Desert Online Auction house Bot Tool

Black Desert Online Marketplace bot for NA / EU

Welcome to FreeGamerGear.com the #1 resource for your all gaming needs! All the hacks we provide are thoroughly tested by our team of testers and are kept up to date with every game patch. You have reached our Black Desert Online Auction house tool page.


Black Desert online Auction House Tool features:

Our unique Black desert online Marketplace hack works by manipulating market orders while you are away from the keyboard to make you silver, we keep the bot upto date with every patch and are constantly working on adding new features. Below is a full feature list

  • Automatic buying low and selling high
  • sniping auctions the moment they are up
  • Works within the game so you can still use your PC for other things like browsing
  • Extensive logs and data statistics

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How to use our Black Desert Online Auction house bot?

Its quite simple, for one you require a starting amount of around 500k silver to get started. Download the package using the button above and extract it to any folder on your computer. Start the game and head to an auction house NPC and open the auction house window. Now go back to the folder you extracted the files to and start the file AHbot.exe. A new window will pop up with a setup wizard to setup our tool for your game. This is an automated process that takes about 20 seconds. After the tool has set it self up you can easily start it by pressing the start trading button. You can minimize both the game and the tool and do other work or just leave it do to its business while you sleep. If you need to rerun the first time setup press the reset button.


How does our Marketplace Tool work?

Our black desert online Auction house bot works by automating orders and manipulating prices and stocks. It snipes items it deems profit worthy in seconds after they are up and than resells them for profit when the price is right. How much silver the tool makes is dependent on the current state of the market and how much reserve silver you let the tool use to trade with. It is however one of the better and faster ways of making silver in the game! The tool is built in such a way that it is not detected by black deserts xingcode3 anti hacking protection, so it is impossible to detect and safe for your account. Our hack is tested with every patch to make sure its functionality remains intact.

BDO Auction house bot instructions:

  1. Download the package using the button at the top of the page.
  2. Extract the .zip archive to any folder on your PC.
  3. Start your Black desert NA/EU launcher and start the game.
  4. Head to a marketplace / auction house NPC and open the AH window in the game.
  5. Go to the folder where you extracted our tool and start the file called AHbot.exe
  6. Our tool will start its first run setup to calibrate for your gamewindow, this will take about 30 seconds, do not press any keys during this process or it will fail
  7. After the tool has finished the setup process start the trading by pressing the start trading button in the bot window.

Do you have to pay for our Black Desert Auction house bot?

Definitely not! We strive to give free access to all our downloads, we only ask you to answer a few questions before downloading our files. Doing so gives you access to the entirety of this site and its downloads. Doing so ensures us we can keep the hacks free and up to date!

Black Desert Online screenshots



bdoscreenshot1-1024x576 bdoscreenshot2-1024x572

What is Black Desert Online?

Black Desert online is an immense sandbox MMORPG set in a high fantasy world. It is a huge massively multiplayer game with a huge range of features for both social and combat players alike. It has an epic real time action battle system making the player versus player combat mostly player skill based. It also features an immense strategy based castle and node siege system that results in player battles that involve hundreds of players! There is also a ton of simulation based features such as immersive trading, the hiring of NPCs and the management of real estate.

The game is B2p which means you pay to get the game a single time with no subscription cost added per month. The game has a cash shop that sells convenience and cosmetic items. Using our Black desert online auction house bot you will surely become one of the most powerful players on your server!